Aesop Sage and Zinc Facial Hydrating Lotion SPF15 50ml


Aesop skin care marries botanical ingredients with advanced technology to address the specific concerns of your skin with precision and efficiency. The brand doesn’t believe in ‘anti’ – you won’t see any hyperbolic ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘anti-acne’ claims – instead, everything from its hand washes to its moisturisers and fragrances are developed to complement a balanced lifestyle, and help counteract the impact of the elements. For those constantly ravaged by the outside world whose skin is in need of hydration and protection, the Sage & Zinc Facial Hydration Lotion SPF15 is the ideal daily moisturiser.


Providing UVA and UVB protection as well as a light layer of hydration, the Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Lotion from Aesop is ready and waiting to care for your complexion in all its simplistic, ultra-chic glory.

Perfect for those complexions that encounter incidental sun exposure daily, Aesop’s latest hydrator forms a physical barrier to reflect UVA and UVB rays through a layer of mineral-based zinc oxide. Clogged pores need not even cross your worried mind though, as after ten years of painstaking research and development, this lightweight lotion won’t lead to congestion, but instead leaves your skin softened, nourished and protected. Suited for even sensitive skin, this everyday moisturiser is a new skin care staple.


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