Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil 200ml


Aesop manages to be both beautiful and practical, a hybrid of old school and new tech disciplines. The range is balanced between nature and technology the fact that the botanicals make it smell divine and the bottles look beautiful is a happy bi-product of being focused on the best strategy to create gorgeous skin. Removing make up, dirt and grime without aggravating skin, this leaves skin feeling balanced, refreshed and supple (never stripped of moisture).


A divine, fatty acid-rich formulation, this cleanser removes all traces of make up, dirt and impurities while nourishing and calming skin. This is a wonderfully practical product because not only does its avocado, sweet almond, rice bran and macadamia oil base melt all waterproof make up, but you can use it to give your face a lovely fingertip massage while you cleanse. It’s gentle, antioxidant rich and leaves skin feeling balanced, refreshed and supple. Removing dirt, make up and grime without aggravating your skin, its great even for super-sensitive skin types. This cleansing oil is designed to use at your sink rather than in the shower.


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